Sunday 2 March 2014

Saving Face...

As you know I went along to a blogger meet up last week which included a demonstration on products from two lovely ladies Sophie and Autumn at the Body Shop in Nottingham. I BLOOMIN loved it, it was so cool being able to try products and ask questions...something I am usually way too scared to do when I am in the store. 

So unsurprisingly I bought myself some treats...............OK lots of treats...........gawd who are you the treat police?...I totally deserved them I promise! LOLZ


One of the products I picked up was this little package of moisturising goodness...

The Body Shop Save our Skin Kit
Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-oil
Vitamin E Intense Moisturising Cream

I am impressed with this kit. I think that it's great value, for £16 you get two really good products. I had never used a serum before so was a bit unsure how I would get on with it, particularly as it was combined with an oil and the last thing I wanted was a greasy face. However I was pleasantly surprised that the oil absorbs really quickly into the skin and didn't feel greasy at all, after the first night of using it my skin felt really soft. 

I like the fact that the bottle has a little dropper, that may be my inner geek but I thought it was cool and I loved the novelty factor. I end up using about six or seven drops for my whole face, I warm the oil between my fingers and then apply.

You also get the Vitamin E Intense Moisturising Cream in the pack, this is a really thick and rich cream. Not something that I need to use all the time but it is perfect for when you want to give your skin a real moisture boost. You can use the cream in conjunction with the serum or on it's own. I think the cream is perfectly suited to the winter time when your skin is battling the elements and central heating. 

Overall I am impressed with both of these products and my skin has definitely improved. 

If you have tried them let me know what you think! 

Amanda x

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