Sunday 19 January 2014

Life lessons according to Dude Ranch

We all have those albums that we listen to all the way through...the go to album that would like ALWAYS be in your top 5 of ALLLLL TIIIIME. Well for me one of them is Dude Ranch by Blink 182...proper old school Blink from 1997 which is probably showing my age but hey there we go...ANYWAY what occurred to me when I was listening to it for like the millionth time, was the sheer life wisdom and inspiration hidden within the lyrics. So I plan on sharing these little gems with you via my blog...I know! are so totally welcome...

So this is what the album looks like.... 

"But people are what they wanna be
They're not lemmings to the sea
Maybe it's time you looked at yourself
And stop blaming life on someone else"

On a personal note I'm a big believer in personal responsibility, in planning and making choices to improve your life, I really hate it when people look to someone else to provide their stop it yeah LIFE DRAINERS!

I'll also be sharing my favourite tracks from the album, starting with 'Josie' which is one of my favourite love songs EVER! *(Pic from Last Fm and vid from Youtube)

Anyway, give this a might totally get it or not. Let me know either way, tweet me @amandainateacup 

See ya later

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