Sunday 19 January 2014

Facing up to it...

I had been trying to find a foundation that suited me for ages, several purchases later I was still no clearer and was really getting fed up about it. That was until I discovered a few make-up tutorial gurus on if you don't want to end up revamping all your make-up and spending loads of money stop reading now...still with me; you won't be sorry! 

By pure chance I found Zoella on Youtube (watch this video and subscribe to her she is A Mazing)...

This woman has CHANGED MY LIFE...if that makes me shallow then OK but seriously all her videos are amazing and she is LOVELY. 

Through watching her videos I also found Tanya Burr and Fleur De Force to name a few! Amazing, so interesting and basically the best way in my opinion to catch up on what products and make-up are really like. I am ADDICTED!

Anyway so this month I treated myself to a couple of recommended products from the ladies, now I like a bargain and can't really afford high end make-up for long so I wanted something I could afford and easily get hold I treated myself to the following goodies....

  • Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation and Wake Me Up illuminating concealer
  • Sleek blusher in Rose Gold
  • Real Techniques brush set 'base/flawless core collection
  • Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Crush

So how did I get on...well I cannot recommend the Rimmel foundation enough- it's a fairly light coverage but it applies well and gives you a nice even base, it lives up to its name and you do look fresh faced. I am impressed with the concealer too and set it all with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in transparent.

Sleek where have you been all my life...I am SO SO impressed with this blusher, it is very pink in the pot but it gives you a really natural flushed glow. The pigment is such good quality and lasts all day. They are £4.99 I think which is such good value...but so far I have only found them in Superdrug. 

Barry M is my favourite for nail varnishes and this is a really wearable berry colour, I'm not sure if I'm into the matte nail varnish yet but at £3.99 I think this is a decent purchase.  

Real Techniques brushes; I was impressed with these brushes , they are a little pricey; I think I paid £20 for them but they are really soft and blend really well. I will definitely be investing in more make-up brushes. 

Ok so to be honest this was just my first set of purchases...I will show you everything I bought in January in another post, along with some of the results. TOLD YOU I WAS ADDICTED!!!

Anyway, I highly recommend that you watch some of these videos and let me know what you think, tweet me @amandainateacup

A x

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