Saturday 5 April 2014

TAG: Spring Beauty 2014

I'm pretty excited to be tagged into my first ever Tag Post by the absolutely gorgeous Sarah from Seriously Shallow ! So here goes...

1. Do you change your make-up when spring arrives? If so, how? 
Having just completely revamped my base and make-up bag I won't be making that many changes this season...however I do tend to wear a lot more nude shimmery eye shadows in the spring. My favourites currently are from the Sleek I-Divine au naturel palette, I have been layering either Nubuck or Moss over Nougat and finishing with Taupe for a bit of shimmer. 

2. What's your favourite spring fragrance?  
I'm pretty loyal to my fragrances, currently though I am loving and hopefully not overwhelmingly spritzing myself with Vera Wang Lovestruck...someone even complimented me on it the other day...WIN 

3. What are your top 3 spring nail polishes? 
Ok I'm not going to lie to you, my fingernails have no seasonal awareness, I am not a fan of pastel nails; for some reason it reminds me of Tippex...there I said it CONTROVERSIAL...I like to wear dark colours on my nails, three of my faves are all by Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints - I love Blood Orange, Passion Fruit and Pomegranate.

4. What's going to be your favourite spring accessory?
I am loving wearing LOADS of rings at the moment, I'm lucky that my mum gave me some amazing vintage rings which I wear all the time...but I am also lusting over Topshop's selection of midi rings, particularly these star sign ones...

5. Do you prefer pumps or sandals in spring?
Er...I pretty much just wear boots all year.....I LOOOOOVE BOOTS... this spring I have been digging socks and ankle boots, that counts as spring like right? Primark have loads of cute little socks for £1.50 so I've been stocking up. 

I've also been mahoosively digging flatforms and ankle socks, which you may have seen on my Instagram...

So basically to answer this question...I pretty much wear ankle socks ALL THE TIME!

6. What's your favourite spring jacket?
Again, I'm clearly not a spring chick...I see spring as a chance for me to get my leather jackets out...I love them and the slightly warmer weather means I can layer them up... 

7. What's your favourite flower?
I am currently a bit obsessed with finding purple and white tulips...

Well there you have it, my first tag post. LOVED IT...even if it made me realise that I'm not a delicate spring lady...haha who am I kidding I'm rock and roll to the core baby...

I tag the following hot babes to complete this.... Emma from Frugally Peachy and Kelly from To Become Mum.

A x

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