Wednesday 23 April 2014

So this happened....I've only been bloomin nominated for something...Whoop!


Well my Wednesday got a little boost after being nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award...and as a newbie I was doubly chuffed. I was nominated by the always Frugally Fabulous Emma over at Frugally Peachy, thanks doll! 

Ok so the rules for this are:
1. Share the bog link love for your nominee
2. Nominate some of the blogs that inspire you , link them in your post and let em know
3. Write 7 facts about yourself
4. Display the nomination badge on your blog and within your post...

Ok so 7 facts about me eh...

  • I get excited around famous art not visit galleries with me, you have been warned
  • I'm a northerner at spiritual home is Sheffield
  • I have an addictive latest addiction is avocados, luckily for me the addictions tend not to be of the rock n roll style and they also seem to change A LOT #fickle
  • I once touched Dave Grohl, not in the manner I would have liked though...Haha! BOOM!
  • I have a phobia of mannequins, people in mascot costumes and those people who pretend to be statues! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT???
  • I love a bargain and a rummage through a charity shop
  • I have in my opinion amazingly awesome and yet to the majority of people I know shocking taste in films...apparently I need some education in this area haha... 

Ok so I would like to nominate the following people...

Sarah over at Seriously Shallow

Sonia over at Layoutlines 

Sally over at Rainydayfaces 

I enjoyed writing this post, hopefully it'll get me back into the swing of posting regularly! Thanks again Emma for the nomination!

Amanda x

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