Sunday 2 February 2014

Change your mind...a book review

I know it's a genre that makes people turn their noses up but I've always liked to read 'self help' books, I like reading things that pick you up and encourage you to think and act in a more  positive way.

I think it's important to continually develop and encourage yourself to think in different wait, it's more than's what gives you the er LIFE. 

Well, if you follow me on Twitter you'll be aware that I had been experiencing a slight creative block in January, you know the feeling when you just can't seem to get motivated past the sketch phase? So I dug out a book that really really , yeah double really, helps you to unleash your creative side...

Change your mind- 57 Ways to unlock your creative self - Rod Judkins
Hardie Grant Books
ISBN : 9781742705576
£8.99 and also available as an ebook
(Can you tell I used to work at Waterstones ...)

This book is great because not only does it contain some great advice about the creative process but stylistically it's also really cool and inspiring.

Judkins writes in a really honest and direct and encouraging way, it's almost a manual of how to retrain your brain to forget every crippling thought you've ever had during the creative process. 

Some of my favourite chapters are:

Don't Strive to be Original ( personally the desire to be 'original' was crippling me from doing anything, when in fact if you emulate those that inspire you, your natural style will come through anyway...wish I'd read this book 10 years ago!)

Don't compete CREATE and Don't leave ideas in your head

I would highly recommend this book, it's one you need to read from cover to cover and then dip into periodically during your creative lulls. 

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