Monday 24 February 2014

Letraset Comic Marker Pad Review

So I went to Hobbycraft the other day to buy myself a few treats...and whilst there I happened to wander into what can only be described as heaven...that's right it was THE DISCOUNT BIT! 

They now have a PERMANENT discount section...AMAZING HUH!


I was looking to buy some new sketchbooks as I was running low and there on the bargain shelf for only £2!! was this Letraset Manga Art Supplies Comic Marker Pad. I had never tried this paper before but at that price what did I have to lose? EXACTLY, nowt! 

So as you can see it's an A4 pad of bright white paper, which according to the information on the front has been developed for use with alcohol based markers. 

I use Letraset Promarkers a lot , typically I use a pretty absorbent Daler Rowney Heavyweight paper which I think mutes the colours in my illustrations quite a bit so I was keen to try something that would retain the brightness of the pens. 

This paper in this pad is pretty thin at 70gsm which means that you can use it for tracing. I was worried that this would mean that the ink would soak through badly but it wasn't actually that bad. 

You can see the transparency of the paper here...
I was pretty impressed with this paper, you can see from my illustration that the colours have not bled that much and I was able to use a couple of greens on the leaves which have stayed put pretty well. I like the fact that the Promarker colours are crisp and sharp and the outlines clear.

I am going to keep going with this paper, I think it's going to work well with my pointillism. I still think that cracking the paper is half the battle with illustration, if only it wasn't so confusing. Anyone who can shed any light on the subject, please do get in touch.

The pens I used in this illustration were:

Letraset Promarker in Caramel   0727
Letraset Promarker in Tulip Yellow Y337
Letraset Promarker in Mint Green G637
Letraset Promarker in Marsh Green 
Letraset Promarker in Forest Green

A couple of vintage pens which my friend Catherine gave me (left over from GCSE days) they were...
Letraset Pantone 406-T
Letraset Pantone 468-T


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